Super Leica service department

I am going to share this with you because sometimes people don't understand what formulated a good brand. For me it is 3 components- build quality, customer service and durability over long period of time. I do not mind paying a lot for tools, but if the tools gets damaged quickly and then no support from the manufacturer is given I get very very annoyed and that manufacturer is scratched forever from my list.

So here is the short story.

I had my Leica red dot damaged recently and was not happy about it. The camera looses its charm and what I did to compensate for it was to get all the red paint off so at least I gain more invisibility on the streets. 

But the matter of fact is that I do love my tools and want them to be in the condition as I bought them. That little dot paint irritated me quite a bit. I have contacted Leica Germany and they said they will send me one for free, which was absolutely astonishing.

So they did and yesterday the dot landed in my postbox. Quickly opened the package and with the little help of a small knife in my car I switched the dot with no problem. I just love it. The greatest camera gets the best service period.

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