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Metalsistem's completely revamped new design to match and improve on the original is well organized and in Bulgarian language. Product galleries accompany each product that is being displayed. Colors for text and accents are carefully selected to draw attention to the main objects across the site. All in all a lot of information for the customer convenience in a very well organised way to work equally well on desktop and mobile devices.

Начална страница на сайтът metalsistem.bgSee More...

"Джи Ти Ти" ООД - нов сайт

Новият сайт на СТЕЛАЖИТЕ БГ е готов. Изключително голямо внимание е обърнато на форматирането на текстът в сайтът. Приятен и подреден улеснява четенето… нов сайтSee More...

JAWS CAPITAL small but elegant site

Small but elegant one page website to host everything you want on a business card. Check it out here:

JAWS Capital simple website

and how it looks on mobile

JAWS Capital simple website - mobile version

Project - "Джи Ти Ти" ООД фирмен сайт

Final version of GTT LTD (Джи Ти Ти ООД) website is live. See it at

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The most epic panorama photo I have ever done

116 megapixels panorama image

This image consists of 13 separate shots, made with my Leica M 240 and Leica 35/1.4 FLE lens. The final image is 500 MB TIFF file with the resolution of 37097 by 4076 pixels, cropped down to 37097 by 3119 pixels. Absolutely amazing. In terms of megapixels this image is about 116 Megapixels cropped… Image is viewable here.

Leica Summilux 50 / 1.4 ASPH sharpness

Check out the sharpness of Leica Summilux 50/1.4 ASPH wide open.

Leica Summilux 50 1.4 ASPH @ 2See More...

Featured in the book "Colors of Orthodoxy"


colors of orthodoxy

Video editing for HUTO MACHINES BV

final cut editing for Huto BV

Showcased at Nick Cates Design's website

Great to see my work showcased by some of the top website designers. My website Bonev Photography and my design for Rick Reinert's Gallery website are honored in his website showcase section.


Showcased at Nick Cates website

Showcased at Nick Cates website

Leica 50 mm f1.4 Summilux ASPH sharpness wide open

sharpness of Leica 50 Summilux ASPHSee More...

Emil Atanasov portrait session

Check the gallery here.

Emil Atanasov photo session

Futured on LUMU blog

Featured on LUMU blog

lumu power meter blog

Lumu Power arrived and unboxed

Lumu unboxed and quick tested.

Lumu power boxSee More...

...and the Store goes live

Photography and book store is alive.

For now I will be putting only my best photographies for sale. If you have a specific request for a photo from one of the galleries let me know and I will update. I accept paypal and you can use paypal to pay with credit or depit cards. Also checks in US is possible by using "direct order" under payment method. I will send the link to the image once it actually post on my account so this methos is really not preferable but it is an option.


As a continuation of my work from ArtShots, Leica Photography and now BONEV PHOTOGRAPHY is born. This website will include all the galleries from the previous work but it is more polished, renewed and optimized for the viewer.

New Search section to help everyone find what they are looking for

search section

Galleries no longer will be removed!

After sometime of developing, the website is moved to another location which will allow galleries to stay permanently. This is great because we no longer have size limit issue, which brings better images and better experience with the website.