Leica Summilux-R 50mm f/1.4 Version I review

Let me first start with this: I LOVE THIS LENS! This was my very first Leica lens and what a lens it is.

I had to divide the article in two parts because some changes happened for good: Leica Summilux-R 50mm mounted on Canon camera and Leica Summilux-R 50mm mounted on Leica camera.
Mounted on Canon 70D

Now that we made it clear bellow are some sample shots from Leica Summilux-R version 1 50mm f1.4 from 1971 mounted on Canon 70D body. The verdict is that this lens out performs any other f1.4 lens on the market at that time. The new versions should be even better. The Summilux was mounted using FotodioX PRO CANON EOS CHIPPED adapter so the focus inside the camera is enabled. Also the readings are better and the EXIF data inside the photo can show the accurate settings used on the lens. I will not go over how it is done and will focus only on the qualities of this Leica veteran lens. One thing in mind though- the fact that it works great on my camera does not mean it will work on any other camera. Recently read some comparison of Sony's newest compact full frame using adapted M type Summilux and the results were not very good.

Bellow are some samples I did one day while riding my bicycle in the neighborhood.
Alt image
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The photo above is a small ants nest. Full opened aperture at 1.4 on APC
Alt image
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Colors are very good as expected. Very very controlled aberrations, if any at all, much smaller than Canon lenses.
Alt image
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Sharpness wide open is very good in the center and a little soft on the corners but this makes photos better at full aperture.

On Leica M body

When mounted on Leica M body this lens shows full potential. I feel like being blind all life and all the sudden I can seeing again
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Leica M + Summilux-R 50/1.4 with hood and ND filter + EVF2
Quite often I hear or read it is the lens you use that makes the picture great. This is not true. It is the complete set camera body-lens that actually makes it. The pictures from the 50 mm Summilux-R when used with Leica M are phenomenal.
Alt image
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Pictures have silk smooth texture and bokeh which makes them very pleasant to look at. Picture bellow illustrates this in the best possible way. It was taken wide open at f1.4.
Alt image
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Tree blossom. Colors are very good. Flower and car photo shot wide open at f1.4.
Alt image
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Jaguar F type. Picture taken at f1.4
Alt image
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United States Custom House. image shot at f4.
Alt image
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Airplane. Image shot at f1.4. For this one I just picked up the camera and shot. Focusing was done earlier directly using the focus ring and disregarding any range finder measurements. This is one of the best parts of Leica lenses- the range and depth of field are carved on the lens itself.
Alt image
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St. Michaels Episcopal Church. Shot at f2.
Alt image
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Grave stone at Magnolia cemetery. Sharpness is extremely good.
Alt image
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