Leica M Sensor Cleaning or how to best clean your mirrorless camera sensor

There are many promising solutions to clean your sensor but all failed. I have tried 3 different methods and non of them worked. I have spend money on specialized vacuum that could not do anything, I have used a silicon sticky method to take dust

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Leica D-LUX 109 on a video mission

Racechip RS unboxing, install, test drive, and dyne test shot with Leica D-lux 109 and MOZA AirCross gimbal. Video was shot at full 4k with 30fps.

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Time to clean Leica M camera sensor

Cleaning your camera sensor is tricky but rewarding job. You gain clearer image and save time in post processing. It is good to note that the spot from a single particle of dust is different from camera to camera and mainly depends on the size of

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Lens Calibration Helper Tool UPDATED

Updated version of my Lens Calibration helper tool is available in the store.

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Leica 90/2 APO ASPH focus repair

First of all this is at your own risk. What I am going to show you can potentially damage your lens.

There are two focusing issues you might experience- front and back focusing. In my case my Leica 90 APO f2 lens was front focusing in the...

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LUMU Power arrived and unboxed

Finally the wait is over. Lumu have shipped the newest addition to their line- Lumu Power. It does unlock the full functionality of the app. Check bellow.
The light on the image bellow is very uneven but it is a good illustration...

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